Sunday, October 14, 2012

Good-bye Mr. Mole!

I had a mole in a strange place - in my arm pit. It was embarrassing. So I decided to to finally get it cut off. First I had to get a shot right in the armpit and they took a sample of the mole to make sure it wasn't cancer. I had stitches for a week. Then after they found out it wasn't cancer, I had to go back and get the stitches out, and get another shot, which really hurt, and get the whole thing cut out and had to get stitches again.

This is what the stitches looked like.

I got a rash from the sticky stuff on the bandaid.  Then the next night, the stitches came undone and the cut started to open up. So my mom called the doctor at 10:30 at night and so he met us at the clinic and he gave me another shot and then sewed it up again.

Now it's 10 days later and I'm getting the stitches out tomorrow. This is what they look like now:
I will be so glad when the stitches are out and it is all over with. I didn't think it would be this complicated to get rid of Mr. Mole. But I'm glad he's gone.

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