Tuesday, December 29, 2009


i am so exited for all the cousins come!Jacee's family is coming kimble and carter's family emma's family.the games are going to be fun!i can't wait to see every one

Monday, December 28, 2009

the little girl and the key

once upon a time a little girl named milley lived in a cabin with her family.she had one older brother and one older sister.she was the youngest in her family.but one day her mom said we are going to her great grandma's house.milley was so exited!She loved her great grandma lady.her last name was lady.great grandma lady was 92 years old.the reason why they had gone their becuse they were saying good bye becuse she was going to dye.she lived in a little cottage.but grandma decided that she was going to dye in her room.but to that room was a giant key.and grandma lady gave it to milley.milly said why do i need this?grandma saidto lock me in my room.will you grab me a piece of bread and a glass of water please.so milley did just that.and put it on grandma's dresser.now milley said grandma lady close the door and lock me in my room.and never come back but keep this key with you forever.milley said ok.i love you.three years later when milley was 13 she had found the key on her shelf she asked her mom were it waas from her mom said from your great grandma lady she said.milley went to the house and wentto the bedroom and unloked the door and their was her body in the bed.so milley gave her a kiss on her forhead and put the key on the bed and left it there .but soon after that milley had dyed at they age of 15.long after that her got married had children and lived same with the brother.

A story by Ashley Fisher. I typed it myself.

My First Blog

I'm really excited that I got a blog! I can't wait to tell about things that are going on. Right now we are getting ready for everyone to come to our house for New Year's Eve! I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Here is a picture of me with my Baby Achoo. I named her Anna (it's really Annabelle, but I call her Anna for short).