Tuesday, January 24, 2012


i used to think ballroom was kind of boring but fun at the same time.i started open lessons with mathew and our coach is stephen his older brother.we started our rumba and cha cha and there fun because there are spins dips splitz leans and other really fun stuff i will post a video of our dances soon.

ashley always


  1. I like how you just jumped into the whole idea of dancing. How long have you been into it? I was the shy type at first, but when I started dancing with a whole bunch of other enthusiasts in parks, I just whipped my hips! Good luck to you!

    - Monica Bremer

  2. Hi i love dancing and ive been dancing ever sense i was really little

  3. I love ballroom dancing too! I learned the basics when I was in college and until now, I still take advanced dance lessons to enhance my skills. Ballroom dancing has become more than just a hobby for me. It’s also my way of expressing myself and building confidence in what I do.

    Tyson Sieger